The Kittenolivia Empire was a large empire that controlled many star systems.


In 1000 AD, the cat-people of the planet Kittenolivia decided to set up a base on their moon, Felix. However, they soon decided that they needed more than a moon. They needed an empire. So they conquered all of the Felis-Beta star system.


In 1100, a new emperor was crowned. He decided that the empire should take over more star systems. So they did.

Fall of the empireEdit

In 1984, the residents of Oceania rebelled against the Kittenolivian dictatorship and created their own dictatorship. By 1989, the Kittenolivia Empire only controlled Kittenolivia and Felix.

The end of the monarchyEdit

In 1991, a communist revolution took place, which was odd, because in most other countries, communist governments were being overthrown at the time. A new era had begun.